Sedate in style, Madeira -the ‘Pearl of the Atalntic- basks in constant spring-like conditions in the warm Gulf Stream Waters. Dormant volcanic slopes are blanketed in lush emerald forests, their craggy peaks wreathed in mist and peering down across the rugged coastline to the shimmering seas beyond. Palm trees and flower-strewn parks and gardens, grace the sophisticated harbour capital of Funchal, and in picturesque coastal villages, crystal-clear waters lap against smooth pebble beaches. Lovers of the great outdoors are lured to Madeira by the unique network of levada walking trails. Those seeking top-class creature comforts can select between sophisticated colonial elegance or more intimate family run quintas.


TIME DIFFERENCE:  GMT  FLYING TIME FROM UK: Approx. 3 hours 30 mins.

CURRENCY: Euro. LANGUAGE: Portugese.

VISAS: Visas are not required for British passport holders travelling for up to six months.

Temperature in Celsius /Rainfall in Millimetres

January February March April May June
13c 13c 15c 17c 20c 23c
103mm 95mm 74mm 54mm 42mm 20mm
July August September October November December
25c 26c 24c 20c 16c 13c
3mm 5mm 23mm 72mm 106mm 105mm
Belmond Reids

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