Experience Hong Kong

An endless panorama of markets, malls, arcades, apartment buildings, restaurants, tea houses, bars and bustling streets make up the gaudy Oriental pot pourri of one of the world’s most exciting cities. Make the ascent to Victoria Peak for breathtaking views over Hong Kong’s busy harbour - berth of ocean liners, sampans, and redsailed junks - while down below, octogenarian trams make their shaky way along the Island’s streets. As evening falls, the bright tropical sunshine gives way to a rainbow of brilliant neon, breathing life into the stunning Hong Kong Skyline.


TIME DIFFERENCE:  GMT +8 hours. FLYING TIME FROM UK: Approx. 11 hours 40 mins.

CURRENCY: Hong Kong Dollar. LANGUAGE: English and Chinese.

VISAS: Visas are not required for British passport holders travelling for up to six months.

Temperature in Celsius /Rainfall in Millimetres

January February March April May June
16c 17c 19c 22c 26c 28c
23mm 48mm 66mm 163mm 0mm 0mm
July August September October November December
28c 29c 29c 25c 21c 12c
0mm 0mm 0mm 145mm 36mm 28mm
The Peninsula

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